How Do I Know If My Car Has A Lojack Installed? 

Have you ever wondered how stolen cars are recovered? Have you bought a new car and wanted to know whether it has LoJack or not? After reading this article, you will be able to identify …

lojack system

Have you ever wondered how stolen cars are recovered? Have you bought a new car and wanted to know whether it has LoJack or not? After reading this article, you will be able to identify the LoJack in your vehicle. Let’s get into the insights.  

What Is A LoJack On A Car? 

At first, you need to understand what LoJack actually is? LoJack or alternately called stolen vehicle recovery system, is a device invented by William Reagan.

This piece of equipment acts as a tracker that locates your car in remote and difficult-to-trace locations like shipping containers, densely wooded areas, parking garages, etc. You ever wonder how you can connect to the device if your car is stolen?

LoJack is always accompanied by an app of the respective LoJack Company. Where this app helps you to recover your vehicle, these companies also send customer-targeted advertising and marketing campaigns through the app. 

How Exactly Does LoJack Work

You might have heard lots of amazing stories where Lojack was used to recover stolen vehicles but Do you know exactly how it works? Since this system is directly associated with the police department, the possibility of getting your car back once it is stolen highly increases.

If your vehicle has been stolen, immediately inform the police with your vehicle identification number. A signal will be transmitted to your LoJack device in the car, and the system gets activated. Some LoJack devices have an early warning system that will send you a text or an e-mail every time your vehicle moves.  

Once the LoJack is activated, the police can track your vehicle by spreading their unique coded signals to their network, including helicopters, airplanes, and police cars. The LoJack Tracking System installed in police network vehicles detects your car’s location by these signals.

One of the redeeming features of the LoJack system is its dependence on radio wave technology. Not merely a GPS tracker, this tracking device is open for far-off or inaccessible areas like concrete, buildings & steel. 

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Where is lojack located on a car? 

Are you curious about what a LoJack physically looks like? It is tricky to point out where a LoJack is present in your car because the tracker is installed by the representative dealer or the company in the hidden spaces.

If you are wondering where LoJack is installed, we have the answer. Your car can be equipped with these tracking devices at 20 different locations, making it easier for the police to catch signals. However, confusing for the thieves to identify and disable them. The best way to find out whether your car has this tracker or not is to ask the dealer or the company (from where you bought the car). For safety purposes, the technician does not reveal the exact location of the LoJack. 

However, it has been discovered that the most common locations could be: 

  • Below the hood of your car, close to the battery. 
  • Underneath the steering column, the onboard diagnostic port can be present. 

How Much Does A LoJack Installation Cost You? 

Are you living in a high stealing zone? If yes, LoJack is a must-have system for your car! If you consider that upgrade, you need to be aware of the classic and new LoJack systems. Classic LoJack can be bought and installed as a separate piece of equipment. However, it only counts for the ones built before May 2021. Moreover, they are only restricted to certain states!

On the other hand, New LoJack always comes as a built-in accessory in brand new cars with advanced features like low battery alerts, nationwide coverage, trip history, etc.  

The buying and installation cost of the classic LoJack system is around $700 to $1000 as a single-time fee. If you are about to buy a new car supplied with the LoJack Tracking System, the overall price will be hiked up accordingly. Contact your dealer for a more exact approximation of how a LoJack system will impact the pricing. 

Maintenance Is Necessary! 

Once installed with LoJack, your car is several times safer than before! Anything that is adequately maintained retains its original condition for a longer run. The same is true for your car’s LoJack system.

Most LoJack trackers are structured to handle the usual tearing and harsh conditions. However, certain factors can decrease its efficiency, i.e. extended periods of car storage, automobile damage in accidents, the life span of the LoJack Unit Batteries, and environmental factors. Go for a general inspection of your LoJack Tracking System every two years to avoid major incidents. Otherwise, go for a functionality check right away. 

How Can You Uninstall or Disable a LoJack?  

If you want to disable a LoJack, you can consider the following ways. The LoJack tracker unit can be halted to transmit the signals to the receiver. In another case, the unit cannot catch the upcoming signals by removing the whole system. If the scenarios mentioned above are not practicable, you can envelop the unit with a brass or lead mesh. It will receive the tracking signals that your LoJack misses.  

Benefits and Shortcomings of a LoJack 

LoJack system is no doubt an amazing and most effective anti-theft equipment you can install in your car. The advantages of the LoJack system are listed below: 

  • The system does not need any satellite signals to function. 
  • As the LoJack trackers are battery-dependent, they are supplied with an additional battery so they remain functional even if the thief removes the plugs of the car battery. 

Where there are benefits, this system also has some limitations: 

  • Classic LoJack systems miss the GPS-based signals. 
  • Some police departments in underdeveloped areas are not equipped with this essential tracking system
  • Your car must be within 5-7 miles of a police squad outfitted with a receiver during tracking. 

Bottom Line 

Where a LoJack system markedly enhances the safety of your car, it is difficult for you or any other person to identify its exact location. Only the technicians that installed it know the spot. If you want to release your concerns about car safety, get your car a LoJack Tracker System or upgrade your life with the vehicle having a built-in one. The choice is yours!