How to Fix Your Car Radio that has Power but no Sound from Speakers

Imagine preparing all night for the weekend trip, packing all the stuff, and having your friends accompany you and the sound system gives up in the middle of the highway. It’s a bummer and we …

car radio has power but no sounds from speakers

Imagine preparing all night for the weekend trip, packing all the stuff, and having your friends accompany you and the sound system gives up in the middle of the highway. It’s a bummer and we can understand that it would totally spoil the fun and kill the buzz.

Like any other electrical component, the sound system in your car can go bad at any time and it can become a real mood killer. There are different parts involved in the sound system circuit and any of them could be at fault.

If you also have this problem that your car radio has power but no sound from speakers, you’ve landed at the right spot. In this detailed piece, we will discuss all the possible reasons behind a car sound system that has power but no sound from speakers, and how you can fix this issue.

Here’s Why Your Car Radio Has Power but No Sound from Speakers

Remember that your car’s audio consists of a head unit that has all the controls and motherboard, speakers, an amplifier, and a fuse. Any of these parts could malfunction and lead to this mysterious issue where your car’s radio has power but no sound from the speakers. Let’s understand some of the common reasons behind that;

Blown Fuse

A fuse is an essential part of your car’s sound system and it prevents any short-circuiting or overflow of charge that could damage these accessories. If the fuse is damaged or blown, your radio would not work properly and while it would continue to receive current, the speakers might not function optimally.

This is one of the most common causes behind your car’s radio having power but no sound from speakers. Check the fuse behind the head unit or the master fuse box located inside the engine bay.

Wiring and Connection Issues

Needless to say that all the parts and running components in your car’s audio and sound system are connected by wires and connections. These connections can become loose or and the wires can get corroded over time, leading to malfunctions in the sound system.

It is imperative to check all the wires in your car’s radio and look for loose connections that are interfering with the speakers. It is highly likely that the speakers might be disconnected from the audio system circuit and despite the radio getting power from the battery, your speakers would produce no sound.

Faulty Amplifier

If you have a factory installed or an aftermarket amplifier in your car, it is possible that it might be at fault and not letting speakers produce the desired sound. Amplifier also has a fuse and electrical unit inside that processes the sound before sending it to the speakers.

If anything is wrong with the Amp, your speakers would have no sound despite the radio having power.

Equalizer and Settings Problem

Every car radio and audio system has different settings and an equalizer to set up the sound system and tune it according to the owner’s requirements. You could change even the minutest of the settings, such as the bass, frequency, noise reduction, balance, etc.

If somebody had meddled with your head unit’s settings or set the equalizer at mute, you would not be able to hear anything, despite increasing the volume. This is not a problem but often becomes a headache as you think there’s something wrong with the wiring and keep looking in the wrong direction.

Short in the System

A short in the electrical circuit or a cluster of wires is not such an alien thing to happen and it could affect your car’s audio as well. An electrical short in the system could be due to humidity, leakage of fluids, or damaged wiring and it can wreak havoc on your electronic components.

If this is the underlying problem behind a car radio that has power but no sound from speakers, you would find problems in some other accessories as well, such as the head unit, power windows, or tachometer.

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How to Fix Your Car Radio that has Power but No Sound from Speakers?

As we talked about different reasons behind your car’s speakers not working, it is highly probable that one of those parts has malfunctioned and you ought to get them diagnosed and repaired.

Replace the Fuse

Always keep a spare fuse in your car’s toolkit and in case the fuse box turns out to be the culprit, immediately replace the fuse and check your radio again. It might be the master fuse box or the one located behind your radio.  

Check and Fix the Wiring

Check the wiring for any loose connections and corroded grounds, and if you find them at fault, get them repaired as soon as you can and don’t delay it, as it can even lead to more damage and even a fire hazard.

Reset the Head Unit

If it is the settings and equalizer that’s messing up everything, simply restore the factory settings or even get the software updated. This should solve the problem and you’d be back on your way enjoying your favorite podcast.

Check the Amplifier

Mostly it is the Amp at fault and you can confirm that by removing it from the circuit and checking the speakers again. If the speakers work after the amplifier is removed, you’d have to fix it or have it replaced.


When you spend so much on a 4-wheeler, you deserve to enjoy every amenity that comes with it and music might be among the top of them. If due to any reason your car’s radio is getting power but still speakers don’t produce any sound, there might be something wrong with the fuse, wiring, Amp, or settings of the head unit. It is imperative that you get it checked as soon as possible and have it fixed, either DIY or by an expert technician.