Can A Car Battery Die While Driving?

Everyone needs some resources to survive. Just as human beings need food and a push to keep up going, cars also need batteries to work properly. Cars have undoubtedly made the life of the people …

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Everyone needs some resources to survive. Just as human beings need food and a push to keep up going, cars also need batteries to work properly. Cars have undoubtedly made the life of the people easy and saved time, in which a battery plays an essential role in making the journey hassle-free and smooth.

Being a main part of the vehicle, the car batteries must be chosen wisely to make the vehicle and journey well-organized and safe.

The existence of a car battery is essential as it is the core power source of a vehicle. The battery allows so much more than giving starting force to the car. It also possesses enough electricity or energy to keep a car running when the alternator is not working aptly, as the car battery is the car’s power bank. The battery also helps in regulating voltage, making the car more efficient.

Can A Car Battery Die While Driving?

Running out of the battery is scary, but the reality is that your battery can fail during the voyage without warning and it could leave you stranding on the side of the road.

It commonly happens when your car runs out of fuel. But there are some other reasons also.

The worst thing that can happen to your car while driving is that your battery can die apart from a flat tire. However, it is a rare occurrence and can cause huge trouble. The car battery failure indicates that some part of the system is not working correctly; that may be because of the malfunction of the alternator.

Other reasons that a car battery can die while driving includes no fuel, ignition switch malfunctioning, faulty fuel pump, problematic sensors, or bad battery. Some of these reasons can be easily dealt with, while some need a mechanic. Therefore, you must regularly check your vehicle’s battery to avoid any trouble in the future.

What To Do If The Car Turns Off While Driving?

It is crucial to know what to do when an unfortunate event of the death of a car’s battery results in turning off the car while driving. Do not panic in this problematic situation and follow the below-listed steps to avoid further hazards.

  • Activate your flashers and move to the side of the road to a safe area. Make sure you are not blocking the road for other drivers.
  • Try to restart your car after some time. It would be great if your car starts, but if not, then you need to head to a mechanic to get the problem fixed.
  • Never panic in such a situation and handle it very carefully. Call for help that can tow your car to the repair shop and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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Is It A Bad Battery Or Alternator?

If the car stalls frequently or does not start properly, then that is likely the problem of a bad alternator or a dead battery of the car. There is an easy way to find out the problem as both alternator and battery have a mutually dependent relationship. To figure this out, we will go through the symptoms of both: bad battery and bad alternator. Then, you’ll get a better picture of the actual issue of the car’s failure.

Weak Car Battery Symptoms 

If your car is not starting properly or there is a car failure while driving, you must look into the problem immediately before it’s too late. Therefore, you must verify is it a battery causing a problem through the following signs: 

  1. Dim dashboard lights or headlights 
  2. Battery corrosion 
  3. No start  
  4. Odd smell 
  5. Slow engine start
  6. Old or warped battery 

– How to Tell If the Alternator Is Draining the Battery?

Startup issues can be due to the alternator failure if the battery is working fine. A defective alternator drains the car battery and causes the car not to start. The potential troublemaker issues of the alternator are: 

  1. Dim interior lights 
  2. A dead battery 
  3. The smell of hot wire or burning rubber 
  4. Funny noises 
  5. Malfunctioning of car’s accessories 

When Should You Replace The Car Battery?

Never be a person who changes the car’s battery when it gets stranded or dead. It is best to replace your battery before it’s needed, as it is the lifeblood of your vehicle. No battery lasts forever. The exact lifespan of a battery depends on the vehicle and its condition. It is best to replace a battery after every 3 to 5 years, but it also depends on other factors like vibration, climate, driving habits, etc. 

The battery is one of the most ignored car essentials. One should keenly monitor the battery’s health before it catches the problem. Sometimes batteries do not show any signs of failings. Therefore, it is best to check and balance the battery’s health. A good maintenance schedule must be followed. It can save you from a stranded situation. 

What Are Some Of The Best Car Battery Replacement Brands Out There?

The battery is the critical component of the vehicle, and suitable battery replacements positively affect the vehicle’s efficiency and working. Therefore, one must buy the best car battery for their vehicle that ensures optimal performance and prevents unnecessary damage to other vehicle components.

It is a straightforward process to replace the battery after every 3 to 5 years to have a better run. Based on research, some popular brands are XS Power D6500 and Odyssey PC680 Battery.

XS Power D6500 is a leakproof battery that fits almost any location without leaking. It can also resist hot and cold weather and vibrations. But it’s pretty expensive and puts a strain on the pocket. 

Odyssey PC680 Battery has twice the power of a typical battery and has nine years of lifespan. It has a high tolerance for harsh climates, i.e., heat and snow. But it has a high risk of overcharging, and there are no terminals in it.