8 Best Synthetic Oil for Ford 6.7 Diesel [Top Picks & Reviews]

Every engine deserves generous treatment when it comes to maintenance and care. This ensures optimal performance, enhanced lifespan, and reliable efficiency in different driving conditions. And when it comes to super-performance engines like the Ford …

6.7 diesel engine

Every engine deserves generous treatment when it comes to maintenance and care. This ensures optimal performance, enhanced lifespan, and reliable efficiency in different driving conditions.

And when it comes to super-performance engines like the Ford 6.7 diesel, you need to be extra careful about maintenance, engine oil, and overall servicing of the powertrain.

With so many options and tricky marketing, you’re bound to get confused and make a wrong decision. Not only would this waste your time and energy but it would also be detrimental to your rugged Ford 6.7 diesel engine.

Ideally, you should go for fully synthetic engine oil that keeps your engine in pristine condition and offers superb stress stability and temperature maintenance.

Check out this list of the best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel engine and take an informed decision. If you need to know more about engine oils and choose the right engine oil, you’re in for a treat with our comprehensive guide.

Best oil for Ford 6.7 Diesel – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s have an in-depth look at some of the best synthetic engine oils available, with a detailed overview of each product, and help you pick the right lubricant for your super strong Ford 6.7 diesel motor.

1- Shell Rotella T6 Fully Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

When long-term durability and reliable output are the main goals, there is no better option than Shell’s new T6 diesel oil.

Featuring Triple Protection Plus technology, it offers ultimate shear stability and enables your mighty Ford 6.7 diesel engine to withstand any kind of internal stress.

If you want dependable fuel economy while complying with the emission standards, this best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel should be your first pick.

Features and Benefits

Improved fuel economy

Shell Rotella T6 forms a thin coat on the internal parts of the engine and reduced frictional heat. Not only does it enhance stability but it also gives much better fuel consumption on a daily basis.

Perfectly stabilizing formulation

Enriched with premium additives and featuring Triple Protection Plus technology, your engine would love what it is getting with Shell’s most premium synthetic oil for diesel. It also gets high shear stability and reduced stresses while running at higher temperatures.

Enhanced output

Rotella is a fully synthetic oil with multi-functional dispersant qualities. It makes your engine perform at its peak and gives maximum output with long-term durability.


1.    Better fuel economy

2.    Better performance and output

3.    Premium formulation and additives

4.    Superb stress-bearing capability


1.    Packaging may leak slightly

 2- Ford Fluid Super Duty Diesel Motor Oil

What’s better for the Ford engine that an engine oil developed by the manufacturer itself?

The Fluid Super Duty oil features a premium formulation that complies with everything your heavy-duty engine needs. As it is an in-house production, it nicely meets the CJ-4 standard, ensuring long life and maximum output.

The SAE rating of 15W-40 offers all-weather compatibility, particularly with cold starts and constant high RPM running.

Features and Benefits

Highly protective

With its ideal viscosity, your engine is covered in all situations, be it sub-freezing winters or scorching summers. It keeps the frictional heat at a minimum and prevents your Ford super-heavy engine from stress damage.

Perfect compatibility

The oil is compatible with all heavy-duty diesel engines and specifically Ford 6.7 diesel powertrains. It can be considered a universal oil, thanks to its superb compliance with all the standards and requirements.

Pure formulation

Ford’s synthetic blend is a pure formulation that features diesel particulate filters with ultra-low Sulphur. It keeps your Ford engine in pristine condition over the years and prevents the buildup of corrosive elements.


1.    Negligible corrosion and wear

2.    Premium synthetic blend

3.    Perfect for Ford engines

4.    Ideal lubrication


1.    Slightly costlier than competitors

3- Schaeffer 0700CK4 SynShield Diesel Oil

If there’s one oil that keeps sludge and soot away from your rugged Ford engine is Schaeffer CK4 diesel oil.

Its highly efficient and premium formulation ensures superb protection and durability, offering an extended lifespan. This lubricant is also an ideal choice for maximum output and efficiency.

With 15W-40 grade, you would not have to worry about the weather or driving conditions anymore.

Features and Benefits

High quality lubricant

This is the most important quality of this engine oil. It offers high resistance to breakdown and internal stresses over time, no matter how harsh the conditions. Its synthetic plus technology offers better durability and shear stability to your Ford diesel engine.

Perfect engine protection

Schaeffer oil offers quick soot prevention and sludge removal qualities. It protects your engine from wear, foaming, and aeration, ensuring long life and durability.

Superb formulation

This oil features a patented SynShield technology which includes Penetro and Micron Moly. This advanced formula helps lower internal friction, reduces oil consumption, and offers wear resistance.


1.    Reduces contamination

2.    Reliable wear resistance

3.    Extended serviceability

4.    Perfect for all weather conditions


1.    Compatible with only a few engines

4- Ford Genuine Fluid Diesel Motor Oil 

Ford has yet another great lubricant on the list of best synthetic oil for the Ford 6.7 diesel engine.

The Genuine Fluid motor oil by Ford offers unique features like wide temperature coverage, wear resistance, and prevention of corrosion.

Irrespective of the weather, driving conditions, and fuel quality, your Ford diesel engine is going to love this fully synthetic oil. Its SAE rating of 5W-40 is well-suited for all your on-road and off-road needs.

Features and Benefits

Long-term serviceability

Developed by the same engineers who worked on the diesel powertrains. It meets all the strict requirements that your Ford truck needs and offers long-term durability with its formulation and additives.

Good compatibility

The Motorcraft action of this high-quality engine oil offers perfect compatibility. Thanks to its wear resistance, vast temperature coverage, and viscosity, the performance and efficiency get a huge upgrade.

Highly durable viscosity

5W-40 being a universal grade covers a vast range of temperatures and works perfectly in all conditions. Whether it’s -20o or +100o F, your Ford truck won’t even nudge and give outstanding performance.


1.    Ideal viscosity

2.    Offers durable support for the powertrain

3.    Astounding cleaning and soot repellence

4.    Great compatibility


1.    Not so great for older and worn-out engines

5- Lucas 10299-PK4 Truck Oil

This premium oil by Lucas offers superb compatibility with all types of older and newer engines, irrespective of mileage.

The fully synthetic formulation offers dependable shear resistance, temperature compatibility, and durable performance. If you’re looking to enhance the performance and lifespan of your old or new Ford truck, this is one of the best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel engines and should be your top choice.

It also has a versatile grade of 15W-40, keeping temperature issues and breakdown woes at bay.

Features and Benefits

Pure efficiency

Its engine cleaning formula and sludge reduction properties add to the lifespan of the powertrain while enhancing fuel efficiency. When there are no contaminants in the engine, the combustion process would become seamless, consuming less fuel.

Improved performance

With ideal stress resistance and shear stability, your engine gets a boost in performance. 15W-40 rating ensures ideal output in most temperature ranges and prevents the breakdown of oil and damage to engine components.

Excellent compatibility

No matter whether you drive an SUV or truck, this oil meets all the requirements that a rugged diesel engine like the 6.7 Ford diesel has. For reliable performance and protection, you can totally rely on Lucas PK4 truck oil.


1.    Ideal engine cleaning and soot resistance

2.    Vast temperature coverage

3.    Increased mileage of the engine

4.    Highly effective formula


1.    Packaging can be improved

6- Valvoline Premium Blue Engine Oil

Another great lubricant for your beloved Ford 6.7 diesel engine is Valvoline Premium Blue oil. This top-quality oil comes with patented DPT technology which offers ideal lubrication, and performance.

Its unique formulation and additive make sure that there is no corrosion of the metal parts or damage to the engine. You also get stable RPMs and reliable output, no matter how tough the driving conditions are.

It has a perfect TBN rating which offers long-term durability and reliable efficiency for all diesel powertrains, particularly the Ford engines.

Features and Benefits

Long-term functionality

Valvoline oil has a higher, more reliable TBN, which offers reliable functionality and reduced emissions for years. It also offers better lubrication and reduced heat at higher working temperatures.

Ideal wear protection

It offers higher protection to high-performance Valvetrain like Ford 6.7 diesel. It prevents the buildup of soot and gets rid of any sludge that could affect the performance and reduce the lifespan of your car.

Dependable protection

Thanks to its patented DPT technology, the engine remains in perfect shape and there are no harmful elements that could damage the pistons or Valvetrain.


2.    Excellent wear protection

3.    Highly effective lubrication

4.    Dependable long-term performance

5.    Compatibility with most diesel engines


1.    Packaging and container quality needs improvement

7- Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Diesel Oil

Like other Shell lubricants, Rotella T5 is an ideal choice if you want more output and enjoy long-term protection for your Ford truck.

One of the best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel, T5 also features the DPT technology and comes with a very reliable 15W-40 SAE grading.

It forms a protective layer inside your diesel engine which offers ideal lubrication, reduced friction, and prevents the buildup of soot. Even after 5000 miles, you won’t find any debris in the oil filter, thanks to its extended serviceability.

Features and Benefits

Astounding fuel economy

Like your heavy-duty Ford engine, this super lubricant offers high resistance to breakdown and keeps the inside of the powertrain clean. Not only does this enhance the emission standard but also offers much-improved fuel economy on the daily basis.

Very stable composition

This is one super sturdy oil, thanks to its highly reliable formulation and use of premium additives by the manufacturer. It reduces corrosion and offers dependable oxidation for rugged engines like Ford 6.7 diesel. You won’t ever face the problem of engine oil consumption or breakdown with Shell Rotella T5.

Improved engine functioning

Your engine gets a new life with T5 and you don’t even need to change it that often. No wear, no sludge, and reduced friction, all of this combine to give you ultimate performance and long-term engine reliability.


1.    Very effective in reducing wear and harmful deposits

2.    Longer drain intervals

3.    Much better fuel compliance and emission ratings

4.    No breakdown or consumption of oil for thousands of miles


1.    Container could have better sealing

8- Delo 400 SDE Motor Oil

The last oil on the list is not inferior by any means, it is rather a versatile composition of highly effective formulation and unique additives.

One of the best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel, this lubricant will keep your engine in perfect running condition and prevent any trouble due to overheating or corrosion.

With 15W-40 grade, you would be confident in any type of climate and won’t have to worry about cold startups particularly. It also enhances fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions.

Features and Benefits

Perfect oil workability

With integrated particulate filters in action, no sulfur diesel fuel would create any hassle for your high-output Ford engine. It is ideal for working with medium to ultra-low Sulphur diesel fuels and keeps the powertrain in pristine condition.

Better emissions and fuel economy

With better combustion, reduced sludge, and effective cleaning of the engine, Delo offers improved fuel efficiency and even enhances the emission standards of monstrous engines like Ford 6.7 diesel.

Reliable protection

Delo oil features a unique ISOSYN technology that prevents the buildup of corrosive elements and gets rid of contaminants aptly. It also lubricates all the moving surfaces, preventing abrasion and frictional heat inside the combustion chamber.


2.    No issue with sulfur fuels and improved output

3.    Highly effective formulation

4.    Better fuel economy

5.    Improves the exhaust emissions


1.    Oil may breakdown after a few thousand miles

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How to Choose the Right Synthetic Oil for Ford 6.7 Diesel?

Engine oil is the single most important lubricant that your car needs, and when the vehicle in discussion is Ford with super-heavy engines like Ford 6.7 diesel, you have to be very particular about it and choose the right engine oil. Here’s what you need to look out for when picking the synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel engine;

Oil Type

There are different types of oil available, namely the conventional, synthetic blend, and fully synthetic. While conventional oils are outdated, these are still used for heavy-duty commercial engines.

When getting your Ford truck’s oil changed, it is crucial that you pick a fully synthetic oil type. It is pure in the formulation and offers more durability, better protection, and long-term dependability.


The grade of engine oil defines its viscosity at different temperatures. According to SAE, the grade is written as XW-XX, where X to the left indicates the performance in cold temperatures, and to the right defines the oil’s performance at higher temperatures.

The most commonly used grade is 5W-40, while you can rely on highly approved 15W-40 as well.


Most manufacturers use additional additives and premium constituents to make the engine oil even more compatible, reliable, and pure.

This offers optimal lubrication, better temperature maintenance, shear stability, and maximum output. If you are in the market for engine oils, a fully synthetic lubricant would make the perfect choice for a rugged engine like Ford 6.7 diesel engine.

Emission standards

No matter how rugged and outrageous the engine is, it ought to comply with the emission standards. When you are choosing engine oil, make sure that you’re picking the one that complies with all the emission requirements and environmental standards. Fully synthetic engine oils meet all these requirements and keep your powertrain in pristine condition.

Manufacturer’s recommendations

It is also crucial to meet all the requirements set by the car manufacturer. When you go exploring engine oils, try to match their compatibility with the ones that the company recommends.

All the lubricants come with clearly labeled containers and you should carefully read all the info before choosing the best synthetic oil for your Ford 6.7 diesel engine.


Q1- Which is the best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel?

Of all the high-quality oils available on the market, Shell Rotella T6 is the best fully synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel.

Q2- How often should I change the oil in my Ford 6.7 diesel engine?

Ideally, you should read your owner’s manual to know the exact details and intervals of the oil change. However, you should engine oil every 7,000 miles or 8 months, whichever comes first.

Q3- Is it necessary to flush the engine at every oil change interval?

Although it is not necessary to flush the engine during every oil change, when you’re changing the oil type, grade, or replacing it after a long time, it is important that you get it cleaned properly by using a flushing solution.

Final Thoughts

With so much advancement in the auto industry, there are so many great options to treat your heavy-duty engines like Ford 6.7 diesel with highly premium lubricants. With fully synthetic oils available, there is nothing that should keep your Ford truck from giving the maximum performance, and fuel economy and serving you for years to come.

If you’re looking to choose the best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel, there’s nothing that tops Shell Rotella T6 in quality, performance, engine durability and overall stability.

Give your engine the best treatment and enjoy wonderful driving.