About Us

The world of automobiles is a vast landscape of different manufacturers and interconnecting parts, and endless possibility, and we’re eager to explore every inch of it. On our site, we review a wide range of car related products to make sure that your vehicle, as well the driving experience, runs as smoothly as possible.

Cars and what makes them tick can be an intimidating field to learn about, and not everyone has time to browse gearhead forums for hours on end. We aim to make the learning curve easier, by reviewing and highlighting the products best suited to what you have going on. From batteries to tires and other accessories, if it belongs on a car, or it can help you maintain one, we’re willing to review it.

Our Product Selection Process

Cars are an integral part of our daily lives, and are an investment that requires maintenance. Naturally, there are a lot of products on the market made for your auto needs. Not all are made equally however, and it’s far too easy to waste your time on ones of subpar quality that won’t be of benefit to you at all. To avoid this, we put a lot of though and consideration into which products we feature on our site. We draw from many sources of information as well, not just our expertise. We listen to the input and comments of consumers who have purchased and made use of the item. From those who share their opinion publicly and those we know personally who have had first hand experience.

We also run our own tests, so that we can see first hand if the product is up to standard and delivers on the promises it makes. That’s when we figure out how we can best help our readers with a thorough review.

Our Product Reviewing Process

There are many ways to judge a product, but our general formula hinges on three firm questions, that also leave room for plenty of nuance.

Is it a well made product? In this first phase, we test most of the physical/chemical aspects of the product. Tools are tested for durability and how well they work under the hood, tires for how smoothly one drives with them equipped, and miscellaneous items like glass wipes and wax to see how effective they are at making your car shine. Simply put, we want to assess how well this product does its job, and the overall experience of using it is a good one.

Is this product useful? We believe that there’s a lot of truth in the saying that necessity is the mother of invention. In this phase, we assess whether this product successfully sets out to solve a valid problem that car owners face, and not just an overpriced cash grab that will sit, collecting dust in your garage. Or even if there are safe, DIY alternatives that you can whip up yourself.

Is it worth its price tag? In this phase, we look up similar products with a similar purpose, and compare their prices, and any differences they may have. We also take into account all the information we’ve learned in the previous two phases, and combine them to form our final verdict, to determine if the product can justify the price point. From there, we lay out all the facts honestly based on our own experience, pointing out useful info for our readers.

We are always eager to hear about how you all feel about a product we review! As we hope that you’ll learn about cars from reading our posts, we also hope to broaden our perspective by gleaning the knowledge from your opinions and thoughts.

Our Writers

Andrew Hansen

Andrew’s earliest memories are of riding around in his Grandmother’s beat up muscle car, which would frequently break down. When he grew a little older, he’d beg to help the mechanics whenever their car needed to be taken into the shop. They let him watch.

Today, Andrew is a civil engineer, but has kept his affinity for vintage and classic autos, with a soft spot for fixer uppers that he can lovingly beat into shape.

Colin Suzki

Colin actually runs his own automobile repair shop which means he has the final say on everything, much to Andrew’s annoyance. Growing up, Colin hails from a family of artists, with relatives in entertainment, making him one of the first ones in his family to know where to install a sparkplug. It scared him as a teenager, venturing into an industry his family had no connections or experience in, but the support of his parents and siblings pushed him to where he is now.